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Call for an ambulance anytime anywhere in Kenya. Our professionally trained paramedics are ready to help in case of an emergency. We respond fast providing aid in major emergencies, disasters, fires and road traffic accidents.



Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) is a voluntary organization operating through a network of 8 regions and 64 branches countrywide. The Society has more than 70,000 volunteers and members who assist in implementing activities at the headquarters as well as regional and branch levels. Membership to the Society is open to everyone without any discrimination based on race, sex, religion, class, political opinion or nationality.


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18 million people in Kenya are living in desolation due to poverty, drought, floods, poor health, malnutrition, lack of clean water & sanitation, education and much more. Through various programmes, KRCS has increased community resilience through the strengthening, diversification and protection of livelihoods and assets. The interventions have an integrated approach through programming for improved livelihoods with a holistic view of access to water, irrigation, agriculture and by extension, health. Stay up to date with our latest activities.



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Become an expert in emergency & disaster management, fire safety, first aid courses and much more


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