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Chat Care, AI Powered Mental Health Chatbot

Find hope and support anytime through the Kenya Red Cross Society AI-Powered Mental Health Chatbot. 

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Chat Care

‘Chat Care’ is a free AI chatbot from the Kenya Red Cross and Pathways Technologies. It’s a friendly, smart helper available 24/7 on Telegram, Webchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to listen and support your mental health, keeping your chats private. With its smart AI, it understands and helps you through tough times, easily and privately. Just a click gets you the help you need, ensuring you’re never alone 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Chat Care' and how can it help me?
'Chat Care' is an AI-powered mental health chatbot developed to offer immediate, confidential support for individuals seeking mental health guidance. It's accessible through various platforms and designed to provide empathetic interactions.
How do I access 'Chat Care'?
You can access 'Chat Care' via Telegram, Webchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Links to each platform are provided on this page.
Is my conversation with 'Chat Care' confidential?
Yes, all interactions are kept confidential, ensuring your privacy and security are prioritized.
Can 'Chat Care' understand and communicate in my language?
Currently, 'Chat Care' supports English and Swahili, aiming to cater to a diverse user base in Kenya and beyond.
How is 'Chat Care' different from other mental health platforms?
'Chat Care' integrates AI with human support, offering a unique blend of technology and empathy, accessible across multiple platforms, and recognizes returning clients for personalized interactions.
How does 'Chat Care' ensure the quality of its support?
Users are encouraged to rate their interaction, which aids in continuously improving the service based on feedback.
Who developed 'Chat Care'?
Chat Care' is a collaborative effort between the Kenya Red Cross Society and Pathways Technologies, supported by funding from GSMA.