We seek to contribute to a reduction of morbidity and mortality in emergencies. In line with that, we work towards:

1. Public Health Emergencies

Enhanced preparedness for and response to epidemics/disease outbreaks.

2. Public Health in Emergencies - focus on comprehensive response.
  • Pre Hospital Care, including the provision of First Aid
  • Prevention and control of communicable diseases in emergencies
  • Prevention and management of Non-Communicable Diseases and conditions in emergencies
  • Nutrition response in emergencies
  • RMNCAH response in emergencies
  • MHPSS response in emergencies
  • Access to safe blood for transfusion in emergencies
3. Refugee and Migration Health
4. Health Care in Danger/Fragile Environments

Creation of a conducive environment to make the access to and delivery of health care services safer

5. Disability and Aged Inclusive Humanitarian Responses
6. Gender-responsive humanitarian responses
7. Child Protection in Emergencies

Emergency Health Projects

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