The Department implements the following thematic areas:

Public Health in Emergencies:

The organization works towards enhanced preparedness for response to epidemics, for prevention and control of Communicable diseases in emergencies, for prevention and Management of Non communicable diseases and condition in emergencies, for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health issues in emergencies, for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services in emergencies, for Aged and Disability issues in emergencies, for creation of a conducive environment to make the access to and delivery of health care services safer and for blood donors recruitment in emergencies.

Blood Donor Services:

Kenya Red Cross works towards increasing knowledge and awareness on blood donation and regular voluntary non-enumerated donors amongst the target community in Kenya and strengthening blood donor services systems and structures at National and County level.

Prevention and Control of HIV, TB and Malaria:

We focus on the three main diseases that still contribute a huge proportion of morbidities and mortalities, these are Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV and AIDs. We work by promoting Malaria prevention and control, contributing to the reduction of the burden of Tuberculosis (TB) in Kenya, contributing to increased implementation of TB/HIV collaborative activities and prevention of new infections for HIV.

Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases and conditions:

We contribute to Halt, and reverse the rising burden of non-communicable conditions through promotion of Healthy lifestyles, increasing access to Screening and Early detection and increasing access to treatment and Management. Also we work towards increased awareness on risk factors and adoption of Healthy living, increased access to referral services, enhanced uptake of NCD treatment and increased access to care and support for the affected.

Reproductive maternal, neonatal, newborn, child and adolescent health:

Our key objective is to End preventable Maternal and Child deaths and we work towards; increased demand for and access to Maternal, Newborn, Child Health services, increased access to youth friendly and age appropriate RH services, increased uptake of family planning services and increasing access to prevention and management services of Sexual Gender Based Violence and other Harm full practices.


We contribute to the scale up of nutrition services focusing on High Impact Nutrition interventions contributing to reduced morbidity and mortality. In particular, Maternal, Infant and Young Child, and Adolescent Nutrition, Nutrition for Older persons and persons with disabilities, Diet related NCDs, Agriculture Nutrition

Neglected Tropical Disease:

We support the Ministry of Health efforts in elimination and eradication of Neglected Tropical diseases by supporting in the rollout of the Breaking Transmission Strategy in the community level by focusing on Behavior change communication, awareness creation and Health and Hygiene and Sanitation promotion. Also we support efforts at the community level towards increasing access to prevention and management of snakebites.

Mental health and psychosocial support:

Kenya Red Cross seeks to contribute to Integration of Mental and psychosocial health in programming. In particular, KRCS works towards, enhanced access to psychosocial support services to target population and promotion of community mental health.

Drugs and substance abuse:

We work towards increasing awareness of the effects of drugs and substance abuse, decreased cross infection amongest drug users through the harm reduction initiatives and enhancing access to addition management in Kenya.

Health Nutrition & Social Services Projects

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