Cholera Prevention Innovation Challenge

The humanitarian sector has continuously engaged and worked on reducing cholera outbreaks and its effects, however large cyclical epidemics have occurred every five to seven years, interspersed by occasional small-scale outbreaks. Investment into social amenities such as access to clean water and sanitation facilities has not developed compared to the rapid urbnization and rapid infrastructural development in Mombasa. The unequal growth rate between the two has exposed the populations to an increased risk of water, hygiene and sanitation related illnesses such as Cholera. This innovation challenge will offer an opportunity for young people to generate innovative solutions for improved hygiene and sanitation practices and raise awareness for community resilience


30th October-6th December 2019


Cholera Innovation Challenge

The Cholera Innovation Challenge led by the Kenya Red Cross Society, Innovation Unit is being launched as part of the Pwani Innovation Week activity in efforts to promote better health and sanitation practices. Key behavioral factors that exacerbate the risk of exposure to cholera in the populations include: lack of health education regarding cholera and diarrheal diseases especially among new mothers, lack of access to WASH services, inadequate hand washing practices, and food hygiene. In recent years, Kenya has been experiencing continuous large outbreaks of cholera, with a cumulative total of 17,597 cases reported (10,568 cases reported in 2015 and 6,448 in 2016). The challenge will focus on such cholera outbreaks, and their prevention and reduction using innovative solutions with support from other partners, and an aim to pilot the winning solution after further development with KRCS and the community. The Challenge will be accompanied with a series of steps that will provide an opportunity for the Mombasa residents and selected Innovation challenge participants to learn more about cholera reduction and prevention

The above objectives can be achieved in the following phases:

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1. Ideation

The participant(s) (individuals/teams) are required to submit their ideas to the challenge using this
Online form

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2. Round One Judging

The submissions will be shortlisted and participant(s)/teams will be invited for a pitch round

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3. Pitch Session

The selected participant(s)/teams will be called upon to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges at the KRCS Mombasa offices

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4. Mentorship & Expert Series

The Final shortlisted participant(s)/teams will be hosted at Swahilipot for 2 weeks to further develop and refine their ideas. This phase will include more interaction with the KRCS Health team and Innovation unit, as well as other experts in the field

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5. Final Judging

Participant(s)/teams will submit and pitch their developed ideas to a panel of experts during the Pwani Innovation Week. The winning solution will be incubated at Swahilipot and piloted within KRCS project sites, after further development with KRCS


“Innovate to reduce and prevent Cholera”

The Timeline

  • Call out for proposals

    Interested participant(s)/teams will submit their proposals by filling the online form below

  • Submissions Deadline

    Submission deadline to participate in the Innovation Challenge.

  • First Round Judging

    A panel of experts will be convened to advance promising ideas to the next phase. Participant(s)/ teams are required to submit their proposals for the first phase and thereafter they will be notified on the selections by 12th November 2019.

  • Second round judging (pitch)

    The shortlisted participant(s)/teams will be convened to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges at the KRCS Mombasa Branch offices, thereafter, they will be notified on the final selections progressing to the mentorship round.

  • Mentorship and Expert Series

    Participant(s)/teams that advance to this round will be supported by mentors to further develop and refine their ideas. This phase will be hosted at the Swahilipot, with support from KRCS Health and Innovation team.

  • Refine solutions and prototypes

    Hackathon Final Judging and presentations.The winning participant(s) will be announced by the judges, during an award ceremony, and an award shall be presented to the winner.

  • Final Judging

    During the final day of Pwani Innovation Week, the participant(s)/ teams will be convened to make their final presentation to a panel of experts and during the closing ceremony of Pwani Innovation week, the winning participant(s)/ team will be announced and awarded.

Who can participate?

1. Individual student(s)/ youth below age of 35 years.

2. Youth groups (not more than 5 members) jointly working on an idea, solution or design

3. Located in Mombasa

Submission Requirements: In order to participant , ensure you follow instructions as you submit your proposal

Winning solution will be implemented with KRCS after incubation and further development for a prototype.

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