The Kenya Red Cross society through the youth program held its annual National Youth Camp in Isiolo County this year’s theme being ‘Safe Spaces for The Youth’. The event started on 26th - 30th November at the Rangeland Hotel and was attended by over 150 Red Cross youth volunteers from across the country.

Participants were drawn from al the eight KRCS regions; Coastal region, North Rift region, South Rift region, West Kenya, Central, Lower Eastern, North Eastern and Upper Eastern regions. Also present were two Norwegian Red Cross volunteers who are in the country for a one year exchange program.

Speaking during the opening of the camp, Deputy Secretary General Dr. Asha Mohammed urged the youth to make good use of the opportunity and come up with initiatives that can help in ensuring the youth are not left behind.

“As the Kenya red cross society we have created many ways in which we can cater for the youth needs, this is a great platform that you can use to come up with suggestions and programs that will ensure that we have safe spaces for our young people.”

“The youth play a very important role in our country’s economy; we are also grateful that we have thousands of youth volunteers who are helping us achieve our mandate of alleviating human suffering,” she added.

The camp participant engaged in different activities from day one to the last day that included team building, dissemination sessions where the youth volunteers were taken through the works of the red cross, history of the Red Cross and general knowledge about volunteerism.

The youth also organized an awareness walk on drugs and gender based violence aimed at educating the youth on how to abstain from using drugs as wells stand against acts of gender based violence.

They further visited Kind Fund Children home and later held a road show campaign against drugs and women violence in Isiolo County.

Other engagements included a courtesy call on the Governor, H.E. Mohamed Kuti who shared with the team a number of issues affecting the youth in Isiolo county alongside encouraging them to stay focus and become leaders.

“I congratulate you for the great work you are doing, humanitarian work that targets the vulnerable and those caught in emergencies. This is work mostly done by the youth like all of you gathered here today. It the youth who are the backbone of Red Cross and Kenya too when disasters happen, a role we acknowledge and appreciate. It is noble work that builds your character, skills and behaviors into becoming responsible citizens,” said Governor Kuti.

The KRCS Governor, Dr. Mohamud Said was in attendance and had a chance to mingle and share with the youth. “We will all fight the menace that is affecting the youth and bring up youth that can be depended on’ he added.

Shadrack Musyoka, the National Youth and Volunteer manager was also appreciative of the great work being done by the youth as they serve the communities around them. Japheth Ng’eno - the National Youth chair also added by saying ‘all the young people have issues affecting them, let us lead by sharing out our issues so we can get solutions to our issues.”


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