Annually, the society organizes first aid competition in line with the second pillar of the society’s four-part youth Program of protecting life and health of the most vulnerable. First Aid Competitions are a well-known way of assisting First Aiders to develop and practice their skills. The aim of the competitions is to simulate “Real Life experience through Scenario Based approaches so as to test the First Aider’s ability to cope and assist during Emergencies.”

The theme for this year’s competition is “First Aid and Excluded People.” As per the World First Aid Day Theme.

The theme is meant to promote the participation and inclusion of the marginalized, neglected or excluded groups. Excluded groups vary from regions to regions: people with disabilities, the aged, homeless people, prisoners, refugees and other immigrants, people living with HIV or other diseases etc.

Competition levels.

First aid competitions are at three levels

1. Grass root/County level (47 counties)

2. Regional level (8 regions)

3. National level

Every participant must complete county and regional levels to proceed to the national level.

Competition composition

The competition will be grouped into these categories:

1. Junior Team Category

2. Secondary Team Categories

3. University /College Categories

4. Corporate Category

5. Red Cross Action Teams (RCAT) Category

6. Emergency Medical Technician Category (EMTs)

Team composition.

The team shall have four participating members and one Team Manager.

First aid schedule

National, regional and county competitions will be held based on the following time frame:

County First Aid Competition to be held on or before 31st march 2019.

Regional First Aid Competition to be held on or before 30th June 2019.

National First Aid Competition to be held on or before 30th September 2019.

Click the Link below to get photos of last year’s National First Aid competition.

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