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Declaration of Conflict of Interest

When filling out this form, it is of utmost importance that individuals disclose all relevant interests that could potentially pose a conflict of interest with their duties and responsibilities. This could include interests such as financial investments, personal relationships, and affiliations with certain organizations or groups. By providing this information, you are enabling the committee to make an informed and objective decision that is based solely on the merit. Failure to disclose any interests that could pose a conflict of interest could compromise the fairness and integrity of the process, and may result in displinary measures. Therefore, please take the time to carefully review and disclose all relevant interests honestly and accurately, per your ethical obligations and commitment to transparency.

Conflict of Interest
Do hereby declare that if I, my family members, close relatives and personal friends may have any direct or indirect interest in any contract, agreement award of tender/tender process, I shall make a written declaration to the Secretary General of Kenya Red Cross Society.
I hereby declare that:

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Kenya Red Cross Society is a humanitarian relief organization, created through an act of parliament CAP256 of the laws of Kenya

We are auxiliary to the National and County Governments and work to alleviate human suffering and preserve life and human dignity.