Volunteerism at
Kenya Red Cross Society

As an organization that prioritizes serving others, the Kenya Red Cross is constantly looking for individuals who share the same values and beliefs. One of the most important traits of a volunteer at the Kenya Red Cross is being selfless and having no desire to gain anything from their actions.

As a volunteer, individuals are expected to support the humanitarian work of the organization and contribute towards improving the lives of those in need. By sacrificing their time, skills, and resources, volunteers at the Kenya Red Cross actively demonstrate a dedication to serving others and making a positive impact on their community. In essence, being a volunteer at the Kenya Red Cross is not just a task or a title, it is an opportunity to give back, inspire change, and make a difference in the world.

Key Requirements

Volunteerism at Kenya Red Cross is for everyone. Being an organization that is trusted by communities, governments and the private sector, we need all volunteers to abide to the following:

Responsibility to behave in accordance with the Kenya Red Cross Society code of conduct.
Must conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and to display a committed and positive attitude while performing their assigned tasks.
Must have the Responsibility to participate in any necessary training provided by the society.
Respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of beneficiaries.
Ready to serve?

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Ready to serve?

Sign up to be a volunteer today!

About Us

Kenya Red Cross Society is a humanitarian relief organization, created through an act of parliament CAP256 of the laws of Kenya

We are auxiliary to the National and County Governments and work to alleviate human suffering and preserve life and human dignity.