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Floods Impact and Interventions, 2024

Kenya has been experiencing enhanced rains since September, with alarming levels of rainfall because of El Nino conditions and a positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) which are currently present in Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean respectively. The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) indicated the rains were expected to peak in November but may continue into January 2024.  

As the floods materialized, Kenya Red Cross Society started its response actions immediately targeting the affected and displaced communities.

Currently we are working in IDP camps in the worst hit counties. Attention has moved to the recovery and reconstruction stage of the disaster and our volunteers and staff are working hard to help alleviate the suffering of the people affected.  

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How You Can Help

We are committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by the floods. Your support can make a significant difference. Consider contributing to our relief efforts, volunteering your time, or spreading awareness about the ongoing situation.

About Us

Kenya Red Cross Society is a humanitarian relief organization, created through an act of parliament CAP256 of the laws of Kenya

We are auxiliary to the National and County Governments and work to alleviate human suffering and preserve life and human dignity.