Youth Development

Youth Development

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) prioritizes youth engagement by establishing a Youth Development Department with the main goal of supporting youth to lead positive change in their communities. Focusing on thematic areas such as governance and leadership, youth livelihood and economic empowerment, peacebuilding and conflict prevention, protection of life and health, and youth climate action. 

KRCS seeks to develop strong young leaders as role models and catalysts for positive change in the governance and leadership sector. The goal of the Youth Livelihood and Economic Empowerment initiative is to improve young people’s abilities to support themselves sustainably. Training in conflict resolution and advocacy via a variety of platforms are aspects of peacebuilding and conflict prevention.  

The Protection of Life & Health program focuses on mental health, sexual reproductive health, and basic first aid. Youth Climate Action aims to create an ecosystem for young people to thrive amidst the climate crisis. In schools, KRCS promotes globalization, innovation, and technology through Red Cross Clubs and Chapters, aligning with Ministry of Education policies and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

The organization has established 24 youth centers across counties to champion innovation and problem-solving while providing safe spaces for youth participation. The Empawa Stude program, developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, focuses on holistic development through teleconferencing and self-paced learning for adolescents aged 10-18. 

The Wema Platform serves as a digital volunteer platform, enabling Kenyan youth to sign up for various opportunities based on their interests, expertise, and availability. Overall, KRCS is dedicated to nurturing the potential of young people and fostering positive change in communities.


Capacity Development
By developing the capacity of youth to improve their knowledge, skills and experiences, for personal, social and economic development;
Local Action
Rounding up a bunch of specific designs & talking about the merits of each is perfect way.
By providing an advocacy platform for young people in various thematic areas with relevant skills, knowledge, strategic partnerships and resources.

Key Thematic Areas

In a bid to promote youth-led volunteerism and sustainable action, the department has created YouRED spaces, that are open to all young people interested in championing positive change in their communities. You-Red is a youth-led, youth-driven space for young people to organize, co-create, innovate, and implement humanitarian initiatives in the 5 thematic areas of KRCS Youth: 

Peace building and conflict prevention
Climate action
Livelihood and economic empowerment
Leadersgip and governance
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